EMC Ladder



EMC serves a workforce in excess of 52 employees. Our aim is to make a satisfying work place with inspired leadership, people oriented policies and an atmosphere that comprises of fun, values and positiveness.


We give wing to talent in several ways. One is through job opportunities that inspire you to be self-reliant, self-confident and proactive about your future. Through training for Graduate Engineers, equipping them to meet the complexities and challenges of the changing business scenario today. And through a series of structured training programs that hones job-related skills as well as enhances personal growth. At the end of the day, what you attain is not just success but career fulfillment.


Remuneration & Benefits

In keeping with our vision to be truly world class in all aspects of our operations, our remuneration & benefits strategy is guided by the need to foster a high performance culture and maintain market competitiveness.


Goal Oriented Performance Management

At EMC, your performance is evaluated on the extent to which you have contributed to the organization's goals and will be rewarded accordingly. Regular reviews and instant feedback helps you gauge your progress.


Recognition & Motivation

We believe that our people are our greatest assets and that they are not just employees but strategic partners in our journey to achieve organizational objectives effectively and efficiently.